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karcherk2425a 500 150x150 Power Pressure Washer Reviews 2014   Gas and ElectricHere are the best pressure washer reviews for 2014 to help you select the right product for your needs. Whether its for cleaning up at home, at work or for your own business as a contractor our ratings, advice and reviews will point you in the right direction. By splitting power washers into categories, lists, comparisons, advice and reviews this site adds value for someone looking for an objective opinion. Its really easy, we have provided the top rated pressure cleaners on the market for you, click here to review the best 5 brands and models.


Types of Pressure Washers, Details and Guides

The Best 5 Pressure Washers
Pressure Cleaner Comparison – Full List
Best Electric Pressure Washers
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The Best 5 Selected for You Comparison List of all the Top Models Top list of Electric Models


Best Home Use / Light Duty Models
The Best Gas Pressure Washers
Commercial Use Pressure Washers – Contractors
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Low pressure < 2000 PSI
2500 PSI ++
> 2800 PSI and up
For a complete list of Pressure Washers available, visit the Comparison Page.



Here are 4 of the BEST!!

1. BEST PRICED ELECTRIC PRESSURE WASHER – AR Blue Clean 1900PSI – Great brand, good features, reliable and popular unit.
2. MOST RELIABLE GENERAL PURPOSE – Karcher X-Series 2000PSI – This Karcher Model cant be faulted, unless you need more pressure
3. BEST GAS POWER WASHER – Generac 2800PSI - All round excellence from Generac, quality motor, Generac have a great range.
4. HIGH PRESSURE QUALITY WASHER – Simpson Megashot 3100PSI - Higher Pressure than the Generac, different features, Honda motor.


How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

Pressure washers turn mechanical energy into high pressure that can be used to easily clean hard surfaces, that’s why its important to understand the best models and features in our reviews section.

An engine or electric motor turns displacement from the pump into water pressure and subsequently water flow.
The nozzle restricts and transforms the water flow into a powerful jet that is more effective for cleaning.
Pressure Washer Nozzles 150x150 Power Pressure Washer Reviews 2014   Gas and Electric

Nozzle selection, available here
The wheels, handles and nozzle gun will define how portable the pressure cleaner is and whether it is ergonomic.

Pressure Washer Ratings and Advice

Pressure Cleaner Comparison Reviews

Top 5 Pressure Washer of 2014


Important Pressure Washer Information:

question Power Pressure Washer Reviews 2014   Gas and Electric

CP (cleaning power): CP is PSI x GPM. CP is known as cleaning power. Cleaning power is handy to know as it gives you the overall measure of how well a pressure cleaner will work.

GPM (gallons / minute): The quantity of fluid flow for every minute the pressure cleaner is on or being used. With a larger GPM, the more dirt you can move for the given PSI, but it will also be less water efficient. People often get confused when trying to understand the difference between cleaning power and PSI (pressure) they are actually related by the difference is most noticeable when considering two products. For example a product with a given pressure has the same pressure as another brand or model but there is a big difference in cleaning power, always go for the model with more cleaning power unless you are constrained by budget.

PSI (pounds per square inch): This is pressure, which is in turn a measure of force relative to area. With more PSI, the better the cleaning action. Pressure is a key parameter when considering a pressure cleaner because it is the amount of force the unit provides when trying to clean off grime or dirt, the more force the more power, the more power then the quicker the job!


Power Washer Features and Parts:

  • Engine / Motor– Engines are gas powered and motors are electric powered using an extension lead. It’s best to select a pressure washer depending on the pressure (PSI) instead of the engine or motor itself. The engine or motor is a key decision point for a gas pressure washer as you will need to maintain it. Maintaining it means changing the oil, filters, fueling it and more. These components wear out and as they wear out they need to be maintained or they become unreliable and you will end up having to buy another power washer.
  • Pump – The pump created pressure and moves the water so the best way to select your pressure washer is to decide what flow (GPM) you need. Plus, if you would like your pressure washer to siphon from a detergent, ensure that the cleaner has this feature. Pumps are varied in deign, as in you can get centrifugel, positive displacement, piston pumps, gear pumps and more. Usually the pumps used in pressure cleaners are very efficient and low maintenance (especially in electrical models).
  • Nozzle – There are all kinds of nozzles available for different applications, usually described in degrees. A zero degree nozzle is straight whereas a 45 degree will have a wide arc with lower pressure. The bigger the angle the lower the pressure (PSI) and in general, the larger the flow (GPM). If you want to have a look at common replacement parts such as nozzles and wands, click here.


Using Power Pressure Washers

When selecting a pressure washer (cleaner) first decide how it will be used,  and how often you will be using it.

For the general home user the electric units will be fine for the job, however if you have much larger jobs with hard to remove stains and grit then a gas unit is the way to go. Our buyers guide goes through the most common uses for pressure washers as well as some good examples of products you should select for certain tasks. More power and pressure isnt necessarily a good thing, in a lot of cases the smaller units are more portable and do all the jobs that the majority of users need them to.


Types of Washers

When selecting your pressure washer, don’t think that the most expensive is the best. Instead, decide what you actually need for the kinds of jobs you will be doing then select a product that matches.

  • Gasoline Power – More powerful. More expensive. Noisier. Can be used remotely (no power cord).
  • Electric Power – Less powerful. Less expensive. More compact. Quiet. Lighter.


Using a Pressure Washer

There is a lot to choose from so I have compiled a comparison and ratings list here. In summary, we have listed the  main categories below:

Reasons to Power Wash and the Benefits

Saving Time

I know when I used to clean my car with a scrubbing brush and with the standard garden hose it could take up to an hour or more. When I invested in a power pressure washer I was able to attach the pressure cleaner to a detergent to clean down the vehicle and then hose it off with just water. To finish it off I could add some streak free additive to the water and change the nozzle and I achieved a far better clean in less than 15 minutes. It saved me time and money and I was more likely to do it because using the pressure cleaner was fun.


Quality and Thorough Cleaning

Quite often people will persevere with a standard garden hose or a rake or broom to move around dirt that is back there again the following week. We all like a clean garden path or driveway and if you want a proper job done then you really need a pressure cleaner to do the job. Not only will it save you time, it will also do a far better job and you won’t be cleaning up the same mess the following week. In addition this is also helping clean your drive way beneath making it look new again.

A good Quality Gun or Wand goes a long way towards helping clean those hard to reach places.

wand 300x66 Power Pressure Washer Reviews 2014   Gas and Electric

More Details Here



Saving Water

A pressure cleaner uses far less water than a normal hose for many reasons. Number 1, the pump pressure and nozzle mean that the water flow is slowed but the pressure is far higher so you are using less water to do the job more efficiently. Number 2, the job takes far less time so the water is running for a shorter period of time, saving water. Number 3, instead of continually using water like you do with a garden use, most users will use the pressure washer on and off focussing on particular areas, saving even more water.


To use this table simply select a column to sort by your main selection criteria.
This will give you the highest pressure OR the highest flow rate OR the cheapest unit.

These are the BEST 5 Pressure Washers Available Online

Pressure (PSI)
Flow (GPM)
Retail Price
list1 Power Pressure Washer Reviews 2014   Gas and ElectricAR Blue Clean AR383 - Electric model with Hose Reel
Axial-piston pump, All power controlled by the washer trigger,
20-foot hose and 30-foot power cord
See More Details
1900 PSI1.5 GPM163.77
list2 Power Pressure Washer Reviews 2014   Gas and ElectricGenerac 6024/5991 Gas Pressure Washer
Quality axial cam pump and a thermal relief valve
212cc engine that has recoil starter, auto stops with low oil.
Two detergent tanks, 5 nozzles.
30 foot long hose and a 2yr manufacturer warranty.
More Details Here
3000 PSI2.7 GPM399
list5 Power Pressure Washer Reviews 2014   Gas and ElectricKarcher K 5.540 Electric Pressure Washer
A great axial pump, water cooled motor.
Choice of two different spray wands, in built tank for detergent.
25 ft hose, 35ft cable and warranty.
More Details on Amazon
2000 PSI1.4 GPM269.99
list7 Power Pressure Washer Reviews 2014   Gas and ElectricSimpson Megashot MSH3125-S Gas Heavy Duty Pressure Washer
Maintenance free quality pump. Honda GC190 Premium engine.
Stainless accessories, 25 foot long hose - A top choice!
1 yr warranty (2yr for engine).
More Details
3100 PSI2.5 GPM450.75
list8 Power Pressure Washer Reviews 2014   Gas and ElectricGenerac 6022/5989 Gas Pressure Washer
An excellent axial pump wioth heat sensor.
196cc engine thats easy to start, low oil protection.
3/4 gallon detergent tank and 25 ft hose. (2yr warranty)
Generac 6022 Details
2700 PSI2.3 GPM299


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